It is essential to control the risk factors for certain diseases that tend to be very common in the elderly, such as cardiovascular problems and cancer.

That is why we have prepared for you some keys to keep your quality of life and stay healthy.

Eat well: Having a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables a day, low fat and choosing fish, chicken and red meats without fat, have very positive effects for your body, cause these provide you enough protein, antioxidants and water.

Stay hydrated: Seniors are very sensitive to becoming dehydrated, as they tend to be less able to feel thirsty. So you should remember to stay hydrated every day, especially in hot seasons.


Enough rest: Good sleep is always good for our health, it allows us to rest, have better mental health and even makes us perform better during the day. Sleeping poorly can cause pain and physical problems, so it´s important to maintain a routine to go to sleep always at the same time and rest long enough.

Exercise: Physical activity always provides multiple benefits for our mental and physical health, as mentally it helps you to reduce anxiety and physically it improves reflexes and cardiovascular activity.

Keeping the mind active: It is essential during old age, to keep intellectual abilities such as good memory, language and maths. So the more active our mind is, the better performance we will have in it.

Now that you know some of the recommendations, put them into practice to help you to improve your lifestyle and enjoy your old age comfortably and fully

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