We know that for elders it can be difficult to understand the technology and all the uses and benefits it has for us.

That is why in this blog we prepare for you 3 uses that technology can give you and then you choose whether to use it or not.

1. Learn: The internet has everything, it is one of the most practical tools to find out about a topic and it´s also a great advantage that cell phones have the internet because they facilitate learning at any time of your day simply by accessing the portal web whenever you want.

2. Greater connection: We have to realize that technology makes things much easier for us, as is the ease of connecting with other people around the world, either by call or text messages and have a quick response without having to go to the post office.

3. Entertainment: Television, internet, cell phones and computers are more than just tools, they can also help us to entertain ourselves thanks to their wide catalog of activities that we can develop with them, for example: play online, watch movies, series, read, chat, see recipes and much more.

Technology is here to stay in our lives, so let’s learn to use it responsibly and take advantage of all the benefits it offers us.

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