What is Health Insurance?

These insurances are mainly for people who are going to turn 65, which is when they are entitled to the federal Medicare program. Where they can choose health plans that offer additional benefits. The process is like the previous one, asking questions to discover health needs as they change from person to person. Once identified, including medications needed, we recommend the plan that best suits your necessities.

Health insurance is a contract that provides financial security for medical and hospital care expenses in the event of an unforeseen event, such as an accident or a disease.

What does Health Insurance cover?

Cover expenses for hospitalization, medical care, surgical interventions, medications, clinical analysis, among other services that may be required in the event of an accident or illness covered by the policy.

What services does it include?

  • Hospital expenses
  • Medical fees 
  • Diagnostic assistants 
  • Medicines, ambulance 
  • Phone support 
  • Travel assistance
  • Prosthetics and braces 
  • Rehabilitations



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