Memory loss can be the consequence of many things such as alcoholism, a wrong diet, lack of exercise, stress, depression, among others. And with advanced age, it´s quite common for these factors to worsen our retention of information. Fortunately, some exercises help you not forget things.

That is why we have prepared for you 5 tips that will help you strengthen your memory and exercise it.

1. Eat right, a well-balanced diet has many benefits, such as strengthening memory. We must include foods rich in phosphorus such as cocoa powder, egg yolk, fish, almonds, dairy products. avocado, banana, and many more.

2. Drink in moderation, alcohol is not a good friend to our brain, since one night of drinks too much is enough to lose the memory of some things, so in the long term it can be much worse.

3.Meditation can help strengthen the areas of the cerebral cortex responsible for attention and processing external sensory stimuli. In addition to fighting stress and anxiety.

4. Exercise, both physically and mentally exercise is important to strengthen memory. And it is that the practice of exercise helps to improve the oxygenation of the brain, which allows it to work better.

5. Rest well, our brain never rests, but when sleeping it takes up that time to process all the information of the day, that is why it is important to have the necessary hours of sleep.

Now that you know these tips, put them into practice to exercise your mind and remember things much better.

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