We know that reaching old age can be a difficult change for older people, but many things can be done to fully enjoy old age and make the most of free time.

5 golden rules are essential to maintain good spirits in old age:

1. Smile, find a reason to wake up happy every day.

2. Exercising, taking walks outside, or exercising at home can help you maintain good health. Make it part of your routine!

3. Live in the present, don´t think that your best stage is over, there are many things to live yet, take advantage of every moment.

4. Don’t shut yourself up every day; One of the most common mistakes in old age is isolating yourself, interacting with people every day, be it with your neighbors, friends, or family.

5. Streamline your mind and body, take advantage of this new stage to read, perform mental exercises and new activities like yoga.

Now that you know these golden rules for seniors, feel free to apply and put them into practice. Old age has many benefits since now you have more time to yourself and you can do everything you like. It’s never too late!

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