Rest is a fundamental part of our life because a good restful sleep gives us enough energy for the day. Experts recommend getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day, and for older adults, this rule is no exception.

However, it is very common that during old age you begin to have sleep requests or insomnia, this is due to various causes such as stress, excess medications, changes in habits at bedtime, and even the temperature of the bedroom.

Some of the measures you can take to be able to fall asleep on your sleepless nights are:

1. Establish a time to go to sleep, accustoming your body to rest at the same time can cause you to rest faster and easier. Make it routine!

2. Adapt your room for generates tranquility and peace, change the colors of your room and avoid using direct lights.

3. Avoid noise, remove all the noisy electronic devices that you have near and close the windows and doors to reduce the noises from outside.

4. You can use natural medicines to fall asleep, this option should only be in extreme cases since it is advisable not to add more medicines to your body.

Now that you know it, start putting these tips into practice and get a proper rest every day.

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