There are several benefits for both young people and older adults to live in the company and interact with each other. For an older adult, it will always do him good to have someone by his side who he can talk to and who can help him do things that the older adult can no longer do on his own.

In addition, giving time to an older adult, taking care of him, giving him a word of encouragement when he feels lonely or sad, and giving him a smile, not only gives happiness, it is also good for health.

And for young people some of the benefits of accompanying an older adult are:

1. Develop empathy by putting yourself in the shoes of an older adult, and the difficulties that come with age.

2. Learn to be altruistic and a better person in every way.

3. Increase your self-esteem by receiving the gratitude of an older adult.

4. Feel happiness thanks to the beautiful coexistence that is presented and the bond that is formed.

5. Enrich yourself with the wisdom and experience of the elderly.

Now that you know, try to set aside a little more of your time to live with the older adults around you, listen to their stories, and help them in whatever they need. The company is the best option to make your day.

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