Working hand in hand with more than 10 carriers nationwide. We offer added value to your health and life plans so they can adapt to your future needs.

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Interested in Selling Life Insurance and Medicare Advantage?
If you are interested but nervous about getting started, we are here to help!
At Vinquiz, we provide you with the training and resources to become an expert
in the industry. For more details on how to get started, please contact us at
fviniegra@vinquiz-insurance.com or (915) 203-3124.


What we offer you, let us guide you.


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“Thank you to Mr. Francisco, I was able to find the right health plan for me. He has always been there every time I have a question or need help. I highly recommend his personalized service”.

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Allen Bloch

“Thank you to Mr. Viniegra I was able to find the right plan. I didn’t know I was entitled too with no premiums or deductible to pay. He has been always there for me.”

Allen Bloch

Nancy Feetham

“Mr. Viniegra has been always there for us. Every year he evaluates our needs and recommends the best health plan available. Every time we have a question or a concern he always replies within a reasonable timeframe. We are very satisfy with his services.”

Nancy Feetham


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